Instant Cup

It takes longer to choose your favourite than to prepare it

Pasta in different flavours, simple and appetizing, and then couscous, for something out of the ordinary Nutrifree’s ready-to-eat first courses are the instant answer to your quick meals. Surprising in taste, they reconcile a full agenda with an empty stomach. Perfect anywhere thanks to their handy cup, but also at home when you want to dedicate more time to enjoying your lunch than to cooking it.  

Ready in 3 minutes

Preparing your gluten-free, stress-free quick meal. A little boiling water, a spoon, and three minutes. And there it is: Ecco Fatto!

Bye bye monotony

Sandwiches are great, and so are salads. But, just for a change, a hot first course with lots of different sauces is also great.

Full stomach, clean kitchen

Pan, spoon, colander, cutlery, stove, sink. Now, imagine everything is all clean and in its place while you enjoy your cup.