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Lots of gluten-free bread varieties for an indispensable pleasure.

Bread warms and completes every meal. It is a basic element of the Mediterranean diet, pairs well with everything, is versatile and speaks of home. This is why we cannot do without bread, even on our gluten-free diet.


Flours and mixes

The pleasure of creativity in the kitchen with gluten-free flours and mixes.

We support the homemade pleasure of gluten-free with lots of pure flours and balanced mixes for perfect results in just a few steps. They can also be used with a bread machine. Discover one of the richest assortments of gluten-free Flours and Mixes



To start your day in a delicious and healthy way.

Breakfast is the most important moment of the day: give it the attention it deserves with Nutrifree’s many gluten-free, lactose-free proposals that contain no palm oil.



The fun break for any time of the day.

A wide array of sweet and savoury snacks. From traditional savoury snacks enriched with extra-virgin olive oil, to small sweet delicacies to enjoy as a snack or at any moment of the day.

sweets specialities

Sweets and specialities

Specially dedicated to the sweetest palates.

Nutrifree’s Sweets & Spacialities selection features all the flavour and excellence of the Italian confectionery tradition, reinterpreted in a gluten-free key, without giving up a single morsel of great taste.


Nutrifree certified quality is the result of continuous commitment and concrete and transparent choices.

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