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toscana-defABOUT US

We are from Tuscany and Altopascio, a town famed for its bread and, since the Middle Ages, for the hospitality it offered to pilgrims travelling the Via Francigena. In keeping with our area’s traditions, we strive to meet the needs of those who travel alternative food journeys. With the Nutrifree brand we promote quality gluten-free. For over 10 years we’ve been offering a new food model for celiacs whereby the guarantee of the absence of gluten is just the starting point, a fundamental requirement on which to develop products that expertly balance taste and health, and which can bring out the flavour of food intolerance.


With over twenty years’ experience in food as a source of well-being and of a exclusively gluten-free home production, we daily build an evolving product range which, by starting from the needs of those who choose gluten-free, broadens to nutritional proposals dedicated to specific diets. These range from over 100 gluten-free reference foods to many lactose-free proposals, and also to many milk- or egg-free ones, also through a line of organic products that are naturally gluten-free and safe from contaminations.




There are three principles which guide and characterize our way of being, and which allow us to offer a unique product:

farine1. SPECIALISTS in food intolerances

We believe in doing things well, which requires knowledge, experience and dedication. This is why Nutrifree can count on an exclusive home production, something very rare in the gluten-free market; a long family and territorial tradition in baking; a production experience dedicated to food intolerances, and particularly careful about allergens

PANE2. Product INNOVATION that balances flavour and health

We believe in continuous improvement and proper nutrition so we’re always re-investing in research and development and can vaunt of constant innovations that realize our product philosophy : the first gluten-free bread with olive oil (2006); the first single portion open-and-eat products (2009); the first work on fibres and the glycemic index (2011); the first gluten-free and palm-oil-free biscuits (2014).

3. SENSITIVITY behind our food solutions

We believe in listening because only by listening can we give precise answers and solutions. This is why at Nutrifree we listen to consumers and the medical profession, investing in an ongoing dialogue, in research projects and shared R&D work.



Nutrifree certified quality is the result of an ongoing commitment and concrete and transparent decisions:

  • Certificazioni-Loghi– UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 Certification for quality-system management

– BRC and IFS food-safety standards
EU – CCPB bio label, the control body authorized by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture – IT BIO 009, controlled operator No. BV88
Ministerial authorization 604/0F.508/7671 of 02/07/2007 for the production and packaging of gluten-free products. Under Italian law, gluten-free products must have a gluten content below 20 ppm compared to the 100-200 ppm allowed in other countries.
Italian celiacs association (AIC) authorization to sell using the trademark Spiga Barrata (crossed ear of corn) 


Nutrifree is a trademark of Nt Food S.p.A..
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