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Nutrifree Food Model
Beyond safety: gluten-free between flavour and health

 Our gluten-free approach has always been characterized by wanting to go beyond the simple and fundamental safety from glutin contaminations because, for a celiac, “safety” is not enough: those who have to exclude gluten from their diet have many other needs of life and nutrition! This belief is the basis of all our innovations and what we like to call the Nutrifree Food Model, the philosophy that guides all of our production.

 The Nutrifree Food Model is based on 5 concepts that we strive to make real every day:

ulivo1. FLAVOUR
because eating should be a pleasure

 Our commitment
Constantly research and development, shared with consumers
  Collaboration with culinary and dietry professionals (chefs, food bloggers)

because a good product is made of great raw materials

Our commitment
No preservatives, no GMOs, no hydrogenated fats
  Use of noble oils almost exclusively
 – Continuous search for suppliers of high-quality, safe raw materials

because a gluten-free diet must be sustainable and must not cause imbalances or other dietry issues

Our commitment
Attention to fibre and to containing the Glycemic Index
  Attention to allergens
  Collaboration with the medical-scientific world through the Food Observatory

to brighten up the gluten-free life

Our commitment
  Dedicated solutions for different needs (open-and-eat, single-dose, multipacks)
 – Naturally gluten-free organic grain cereals, ready to use because safe from contamination with grains containing gluten

because the secret of well-being at the table is about variety

Our commitment
More than 100 products ranging from bread and pasta to snacks and meals, to cereal bars and biscuits and frozen foods, to cereals and holiday proposals
Lots of products for those who choose organic and vegan, and for allergies and other food intolerances


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